Lancaster Mennonite Historical Society Genealogical Database

Since 2008 volunteers and staff at the Lancaster Mennonite Historical Society (now Mennonite Life) have been compiling a database of genealogical information from various sources. As of February 2020, there are more than 130,000 names in this database, with more being added each week. The information initially was compiled from obituaries appearing in the Lancaster newspapers but there is a significant portion of records abstracted from genealogical articles which appeared in the Society’s quarterly, Pennsylvania Mennonite Heritage, including the Readers’ Ancestry feature. The records in this database are not the same as those in the Genealogical Card File in the library. Over time there will likely be a growing overlap between the two resources. When persons submit new or revised genealogical information, that information is now being recorded in this genealogical database rather than in the card file as was previously the practice. If you have additions or corrections, please use the online form available here.   View Database