Rare & Used Book Auction

The auction features two original Dutch Martyr’s Mirrors published in 1685, in good condition. Also, there are two German 1814 editions of the Martyr’s Mirror included in the sale. The oldest book in the sale is a 1558 Jarmarckt written in Dutch and in good condition. Another old European imprint is on sale, a 1765 Nürnberg Bible, in good condition. A good copy of Annals of the Conestoga Valley will be sold, along with three copies of The Earth is the Lord’s. Buyers interested in PA folk art will be pleased with many books about fraktur, coverlets, decorated chests, and other kinds of folk art.

Several family Bibles add interest to the sale. A German Bible from Johannes Weber and two English Bibles from Abram Lefever and Jacob Lefever are available. Two books written by Martin Luther and published in Leipzig and Marburg are featured. A fine selection of Dauphin County history books, hymnals, and books about hymnody enrich the sale. There is a complete set of 1960-1996 Mennonite Quarterly Reviews to be sold. Buyers interested in Mennonite Church history will be interested in books about the York County Mennonites, the Warwick River congregation, and a 5-volume set of Mennonite Encyclopedia. Genealogists will be interested in the 1634 page Zimmerman book and the will of Jacob L. Brubaker. Another featured book is Thief in the Church. Book buyers and collectors will not want to miss this auction.

We are still accepting books for consignment for the April 8, 2022 auction. Contact Michael Bodner for more information at operations@lmhs.org or 717.393.9745, ext. 106.

The next auction is April 8, 2022.

Please contact Michael Bodner for more information:


(717) 393-9745 ext. 106

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Books are displayed at the Society several weeks before each sale.

Catalogs are available for download here; printed catalogs are available for a subscription fee.

Online bids and credit cards are accepted.

Mail-in bids are accepted through 4:00 PM on the Thursday before the sale; use the online bid form below. Please bid in even dollar amounts. No absentee bids under $10 will be accepted.

For a complete list of procedures, please download the auction Policies and Procedures at right. For additional information, call (717) 393-9745 or e-mail.