Pennsylvania Mennonite Heritage

Pennsylvania Mennonite Heritage
Pennsylvania Mennonite Heritage, our quarterly magazine, focuses on the historical background (Europe and America), religious thought and expression, culture, and family history of Mennonite and Amish-related groups originating in Pennsylvania. Additional features: genealogical tips, readers’ ancestry, queries, Pennsylvania German dialect stories, and book reviews. The magazine began publication in 1978. Pennsylvania Mennonite Heritage is a benefit of Mennonite Life membership. Members receive new issues as they are published and can view back issues here.

*Scan down the page and login to see PMH back issues.

The pdf files of back issues are named using the following format: PMH [YYYY-MM], where Y=year M=month. For example, "PMH 1978-04" is the April 1978 issue. The files are saved in relatively low resolution and are intended for research purposes only. Higher resolution scans and hard copies are available by contacting PMH Indexes through 2009 are available to the public below.

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