June 13, 2024


6:30 pm - 8:30 pm


Mennonite Life Visitors Center



Mennonite Life members are invited to an exclusive screening of The Reformer. Zwingli: A Life’s Portrait. This film has German audio and English subtitles. 

“For God’s sake, do something brave!”

Zurich, 1519. Young widow Anna Reinhart (Sarah Sophia Meyer) lives a modest life caring and worrying for her children’s future when a newcomer in town causes an uproar. Ulrich Zwingli (Max Simonischek), a young priest, takes up his new post in Zurich’s Grossmünster church and immediately sparks controversy and debate with his sermons about the ills in the Catholic church. Anna is skeptical and frightened by Zwingli’s revolutionary thinking, but also captivated by his honesty and dedication to charity. Zwingli’s success, however, soon becomes dangerous. As war and religious conflict loom over them, Anna and Zwingli’s relationship is tested.

This event is complimentary for Mennonite Life members.

Link to trailer with English subtitles.

Link to film’s website.


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Did You Know?

The sandstone used for the Herr House was quarried on-site.

Christian Herr was a prominent leader in the 18th century Mennonite Community. Years after his death Lancaster Mennonites were still referred to as the Christian Herr Party.

Indigenous Peoples taught the Herr family and other Mennonites how to hunt game, clear heavily forested land, and how to identify native plants.